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China Wants to Resolve Trade War with United States Calmly and Against Any Complications

China is enthusiastic about resolving the trade row with the United States calmly and is against any further intensification in pressures, Gao Feng, spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce, stated Thursday.

“We firmly deny an escalation of the trade war, and are prepared to collaborate and negotiate to resolve this issue with a calm attitude,” Gao stated. He has noted that the Chinese and U.S. trade delegations have maintained “effective” communication.

However, he didn’t confirm a claim from President Donald Trump on Monday, which stated the Chinese delegations had called the U.S. over the weekend with the will of arriving at a deal quickly. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has mentioned previously it’s unaware of the call that Trump described.

Tensions between the world’s two largest economies escalated late final week and into the weekend with each nation saying plans to raise duties on billions of dollars’ worth of assets from the other.

“At present, there are various talks ongoing the trade wars relief. Within the area of economics and trade, we will make clear the facts and let everybody perceive the truth,” Gao said. He did not confirm whether Trump’s remarks are counted among such precepts.

The final publicly known high-stage call between each delegation was on August 13. The Ministry of Commerce mentioned on time in an announcement that an identical call was planned inside two weeks. The two sides have also been expected to satisfy face-to-face in September.

However, after the latest escalation, it’s nonetheless not clear how shut the U.S. and China are to taking one other step ahead in negotiations. When asked Thursday about whether the two sides will meet in September, Gao said both are discussing the matter.

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