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Chinese Envoy Earns of Destructive Forces Trying to Damage Sino-U.S. Relations

China’s envoy to the U.S. on Wednesday said the two nations were attempting to resolve their disputes over trade, however, he cautioned of forces that he mentioned had been trying to drive a wedge between the two, without providing any details.

Ambassador Cui Tiankai, speaking at a dinner hosted by the US-China Business Council, stated U.S.-China connections had been at a critical crossroads due to trade rows. Still, it was possible to return to a better stage.

He urged the U.S. and Chinese corporations keen to expand trade between the two countries to face up against what he called efforts to “spread hostility and even create conflict between us,” in addition to “fake news” concerning the situations in Hong Kong as well as Xinjiang, China’s troubled western region that’s home to a significant Uighur Muslim minority, whom some U.S. delegates s have said are the victims of human rights violations.

Cui’s comments came a day after U.S. President Donald Trump said a long-awaited interim trade settlement with China could be delayed until after the U.S. 2020 Presidential polls and amid U.S. legislative moves to address the Uighur problem.

The U.S. and China have been locked in a bitter trade conflict for 17 months, with the U.S. government cracking down against a wide range of what it sees as efforts by the Chinese authorities to steal U.S. technology and dominate global markets.

Anti-government protests in Hong Kong and Beijing’s treatment of its Uighur Muslim minority have further fanned longstanding human rights concerns.

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