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EV Startup Rivian Unveils Pickup Truck and SUV in San Francisco’s Bay Area

Electric vehicle startup Rivian Saturday showcased its pickup truck and SUV at an event in San Francisco’s Bay Area and mentioned that when their prices are revealed soon, they are going to be lower than has been beforehand declared.

Rivian owner and CEO R.J. Scaringe said the mid-range R1T pickup truck with a glass sky panel that transforms from blue to clear was around $69,000. It may travel 300 miles on a full charge. An analogous range R1S SUV will sell for approximately $72,000.

Rivian stated the large battery might go 400 miles, and the smallest could go 230 miles.

Scaringe refused to say how many buyers have thus far spent $1,000 on a refundable deposit to hold their place for a Rivian; however, he stated the response had been “really constructive”.

Rivian started in 2009, made waves when it revealed its first prototype model at the LA Auto Show two years ago. It has attracted $3.6 billion and counts and Ford Motor as buyers.

Many customers at the show had been excited about the designs, but Patrick Bonsi, who flew from New Jersey to see the autos, questioned whether Rivian would have a Tesla Supercharger-like charging grid.

Scaringe stated Rivian was working on launching a network of charging stations at key areas reminiscent of national parks; however, that the autos can cost on most charging grids accessible at this time.

Brian Gase, Rivian chief engineer of special initiatives, and employee number four was busy exhibiting prospects the batteries, saying 7,776 among them were propelling the pickup truck, and one was powering a flashlight, giving the vehicle a lucky 7,777 batteries.

The primary R1T vehicles will be delivered beginning at the end of 2020, followed shortly after by the R1S SUVs, Scaringe stated.