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How to Find Reliable Financial News Websites On the Internet?

It is very difficult to trust the financial news website these days. In this clogged world wide web, it’s challenging to find a credible news source because everyone is doing paid promotions in some way or the other. All news websites are competing to appear in top searches of Google or other search engines, including Microsoft’s and Chinese search engine giant

Can You Trust Financial News Websites?

Financial news is the worst affected bit of news because of the fierce competition. Finding a reliable financial news website is a tedious task on the internet. Finance is at the core of an economy. Without adequate information on finances, one can’t invest in business effectively. Business seems a small word, but you need numerous factors to establish a healthy business – finance is one critical element.

Investors, be it institutional or private, bet on companies after doing rigorous research. While investing, they read a company’s previous years’ financial records and analyze future ventures of the companies. It is comparatively easy for institutional investors to do thorough research about a company; however, private investors mostly rely on financial news available on the internet. After analyzing market conditions, they bet on companies and often face tremendous losses. Thus, it’s essential to find a reliable source and gain information about the market.

Have you heard of news aggregator websites? There is a new trend that is emerging in the market – Content Aggregator Websites. Such websites do not appoint their reporters to report on a specific topic. Instead, they aggregate information from other sites via users, RSS feeds, or webmaster. News aggregator websites must give links to their sources; otherwise, it causes copyright issues.

Websites with greater reach often offer a paid service for lesser-known but credible and potential sites to publish their news. Google News, Google Finance, News 360, Feedly, etc. are some of the best-known content aggregator websites.

Well, you no longer need to be confused. We have done rigorous research for you and finalized the best seven free financial news websites. Do not forget to read news from following highly trusted news websites.

1) ReutersReuters Finance, owned by Thomson Reuters Group, is a free and highly trusted source of financial news thriving in the market since 1851. Until 2008, the Reuters news agency was part of an independent company, Reuters Group Plc, which was also a supplier of financial market data. Reuters today has a separate market analysis firm – Refinitive. In a recent event, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) has put an offer to acquire Refinitive.

2) Yahoo FinanceYahoo Finance

The most agile part of Yahoo!’s network – Yahoo Finance – provides free financial news to its readers. Yahoo Finance receives an estimated 21, 051,047 readers monthly worldwide. Besides financial news, it also offers data and live commentary on markets, stock quotes, financial reports, and original coverage. Yahoo Finance is one of the most prominent financial news aggregators. It aggregates news from several sources including, Bloomberg and Reuters.


CNBC is a virtual treasure for many institutional as well as private investors. Even if you are a beginner in the stock market, financial news from CNBC will guide you to invest in the right businesses and earn you high returns. This free financial news website is widely popular for free and easy to understand information.

4) CNN MarketsCNN

It is an excellent platform for financial news. A subsidiary of AT&T’s WanerMedia, CNN was founded by Ted Turner as a 24-hr cable news channel in 1980. is a free live commentary platform of global stock markets. Besides, it also provides insightful financial reports on businesses and daily events in the financial world.

5) MarketWatchMarket Watch

As the name suggests, MarketWatch is a watchdog of markets. Its analysts keep watch on a slight decline as well as an inch of a surge in global stocks. MarketWatch a comprehensive platform for financial data, news, market insights, live market information, analytical reports, etc. It also offers a service for companies to publish their press releases to reach to a broader audience. Besides, it offers paid aggregation service for lesser-known websites.

6) The Motley Fool
The Motley Fool

This is a great resource for investors to stay informed and ahead of their peers. The name has the word ‘Fool’ in it, but the financial news available on the website does not fool any of its readers. Established by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of investors attain financial freedom through its platforms including, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio shows, and premium investing services.

7) Seeking AlphaSeeking Alpha

It is the world’s largest investing network. Millions of investors come to Seeking Alpha before starting to invest in stocks. Seeking Alpha also acts as a forum for industry experts to discuss investing ideas, discuss latest industry news, debate features of stocks, and make well-informed investment decisions. This platform does not only provide information on daily stock market happenings but also on several unparalleled options, including cryptocurrencies. Seeking Alpha is also a major aggregator, which helps potential content creators reach a wider audience.

Without Bloomberg, financial news is incomplete. Although it is not free, it’s definitely worth spending money on. Bloomberg is a king of financial news; thus, we thought of adding it to our list.

8) BloombergBloomberg

Bloomberg has always been a synonym for financial news. It is the most accredited website among all financial websites live on the internet. Bloomberg has its presence worldwide and keeps a watch on all the major financial events. Bloomberg also has its offline publicationBloomberg Businessweek – that provides news and feature articles about what is taking place in the business world.

Following is the Data of Monthly United States Visitors on all above Websites as of December 2019Monthly Website Traffic (USA)


What are the Best Financial News Websites?

There is a plethora of business news websites on the internet. Among all following are the most popular:

  1. Bloomberg
  2. Financial Times
  3. Reuters
  4. Yahoo Finance
  5. Kiplinger

What is Financial News Aggregator Website?

News aggregator websites do not usually publish their own news. Such websites aggregate information from various websites providing a link to them and publish them on their own websites. 

What are the Best Financial News Aggregator Websites?

The best news aggregator websites are-

  1. Yahoo Finance
  2. Google Finance
  3. MarketWatch
  4. Seeking Alpha

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