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Poll Concludes More in Favor of Wealth Tax, Including 53% Republicans

The concept of imposing a wealth tax on the wealthiest Americans has obtained sharply divergent opinions across a spectrum of politicians, with President Trump branding it socialist and progressive Democratic presidential nominees Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders prominently supporting it.

However, it could gain broad public support, according to an Ipsos poll that concluded nearly two-thirds of respondents agree that the very rich ought to pay more.

Among the 4,441 respondents to the poll, 64% strongly or somewhat agreed that “the very wealthy ought to contribute an extra share of their whole wealth each year to assist public packages” – the essence of a wealth tax. Results had been similar throughout gender, race, and household revenue.

While support among Democrats was stronger, at 77%, a majority of Republicans, 53%, also agreed with the thought.

A wealth tax is levied on an individual’s net value, similar to stocks, bonds and real estate, in addition to cash holdings, related in concept to property taxes. It’s separate from an income tax, which applies to wages, interest, and dividends, amongst other sources.

Zimmerman stated she would be in favor of a wealth tax that would help pay for government schemes for U.S. military veterans or help single parents with young kids. “It may put the border wall up,” she said.

The outcomes may mirror how the economic modifications of the past roughly two decades, from globalization to the financial crisis, have formed attitudes about economic policies.

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