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Samsung Fixes Fingerprint Recognition Issue through Software Update

Samsung Electronics has updated software program to repair problems with fingerprint recognition features on its flagship Galaxy S10 and Note 10 smartphones, it stated Wednesday.

Samsung circulated an apology via its customer support app Samsung Members and instructed its Galaxy phone customers to replace their biometric authentication to the latest software program version.

A British user complained a bug on her Galaxy S10 allowed it to be unlocked regardless of the biometric information registered in the device.

Samsung has stated the issue can occur when patterns appearing on certain protectors that include silicon cases are acknowledged along with fingerprints.

“Samsung Electronics takes the security of devices critically and will make sure to strengthen safety through continuing enhancement and updates to reinforce biometric authentication feature,” the corporate mentioned on its Korean app.

Once lauded as a revolutionary feature by Samsung, tech critics have fooled its ultrasonic fingerprint sensors.

Videos on tech community websites display Galaxy devices that can be unlocked via silicon protectors utilizing a persimmon or a small doll.

Samsung mentioned it would ship notifications for software program updates to Galaxy S10 and Note 10 customers who have recorded their biometric information.

The Bank of China has removed fingerprint payments from specific Samsung devices, and Alipay’s fingerprint payment verification feature app has temporarily been suspended for some Galaxy gadgets.

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