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U.S. Administration in Dilemma On Weather or Not to Impose Tariffs

President Donald Trump has days to resolve whether to levy tariffs on approximately $160 billion in Chinese consumer goods weeks before Christmas, a step that might be unwelcome in both the U.S. and China.

The White House’s prime economic and trade advisers, along with Trade Consultant Robert Lighthizer, Peter Navarro, Larry Kudlow, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, are anticipated to meet in the coming days with Trump over that decision, one individual briefed on the situation stated. There’s nonetheless no clarity on what the decision shall be.

Washington is laying the groundwork for a delay in the newest tariffs, scheduled to take effect on December 15, however, a final decision has not been made.

If the White House does permit the December 15 tariffs to take effect, then the U.S.-China deal discussions are doubtless done for the rest of President Trump’s term, the source stated.

The way the tariffs are written, the Trump management has to act, or else they routinely go into effect, trade consultants stated.

Kudlow, director of the White House’s National Economic Council, also stated late Tuesday morning no decision was made.

The U.S. administration stated in August, it would put 15% tariffs on billions in Chinese-made consumer goods on December 15. Known as the “4B” list of products, those tariffs would hit video game consoles, computer monitors, toys, and different items along with clothes often given as items.

The White House has been considering for weeks whether or not to levy the tariffs and said in early November they would possibly be averted if a Phase One settlement was struck.

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